Jenepher’s love of textiles started as a small child whilst visiting her grandmother where she would be given a small box of fabric and trims to amuse herself. She would use these lovely laces and braids to decorate small items made as gifts for her family members. She went on to study textiles at Teacher’s College and whilst working as a high school teacher she undertook many textiles related courses offered by TAFE.

After extensive travel, further study in the area of Special Education and beginning a family Jenepher started to look for a creative outlet and stumbled upon millinery. Her studies in this area allowed her to draw on so many of the skills she already possessed and yet extend her in so many other ways. On completion of her studies she sourced her own work experience placement which allowed her to work alongside Jonathon Howard of Hatmaker, Sydney.

She now works for herself and draws inspiration from the material she
works with especially reclaimed and vintage materials to create one of a kind head pieces that are carefully made by hand.

Millinery is the age old practice of making hats which is very labour intensive and one that utilizes fine hand sewing skills. Jenepher prides herself in being able to create high quality pieces that are made from reclaimed and/or vintage materials. Due to the restricted amount of material available to her, each piece is truly one of a kind. This way of working supports her desire to work sustainably in a world where manufacturing produces large quantities of the same item cheaply that add to the increasing landfill produced by the textile industry.

Jenepher finds detailed images taken with microphotography inspiring as it allows her to see the beauty of nature beyond what she can see with her naked eye. From a grain of sand to a seed, she the patterns and textures stimulating and are often the starting point for next creation.

Her current designs are a reflection of vintage styles from the 1920’s to the 1950’s, with a modern twist. The styles she most often returns to are those that are simple and elegant and often head hugging. To bring the two eras together Jenepher has learnt many different trimming techniques including 1920’s ribbon folding to hand made silk flowers which she now uses to trim her headpieces.