Exhibition Work


Melbourne International Millinery Competition, Finalist

“Sand Dollar” 

I was inspired by a macro image of the detailed pattern found on a Sand Dollar. Constructed from a damaged wool felt hat and covered with leather reclaimed from a 1980’s leather skirt and trimmed with vintage 1950’s silk veiling.

Sand Dollar
Sand Dollar

 untethered Fibre Artists, Ebb and Flow 

 Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre, Hornsby. Belconnen Arts Centre, Canberra. Muswellbrook Regional Gallery

Inspiration was drawn from the seed pods of the Golden Rain Tree

“Pod 1”

Materials used – Fencing wire, masking tape, pattern board, shibori mulberry paper, threads and felt  balls

Pod 1 Photo by Janet Tavener
Pod 1 Photo by Janet Tavener
Pod 1 Detail
Pod 1 Detail Photo by Janet Tavener

“Pod 2”


Pod 2
Pod 2


untethered Fibre Artists, Out of Hand

 Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre, Hornsby.

“Spiral Phase”

Whilst researching fingerprints I came across a series of images that demonstrated how a fingerprint is reconstructed. It started with Minutiae through the Spiral Phase to the Reconstructed Fingerprint. I found the lines created in the Spiral Phase tantalisingly beautiful. By taking a small section of the image I used the lines within to create a lace like delicate sculptural headpiece.

Spiral Phase
Spiral Phase


All of our hands carry fungus and bacteria that we transfer “out of hand” onto surfaces touched. I took my inspiration from a scientific image of the mouth of a fungus commonly found on the hands. A small section of this image was used when drafting a paper pattern to fit the head. I wanted to combine traditional techniques with the new and this was achieved by having the side feature 3-D printed and then cast in resin.

 Peristome Photo by Adam Yip
Photo by Adam Yip
Peristome Detail Photo by Adam Yip
Peristome Detail
Photo by Adam Yip

 London Hat Week,  Milliner X Artisan

“Kinetic Transformations, Lotus”

Kinetic Transformations, Lotus was created by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher using Parametric Design. This is a method of intelligently designing architectural objects based on relationships and rules using the computer.

To recreate the overall shape of a section their design I used a vintage wooden block that would originally have been used to make turban shaped hats. My initial step in the construction process saw me create a paper pattern of the block shape which I then placed over a reclaimed vintage fur felt which was blocked on the hat block and the outline transferred. Care needed to be taken as I had limited felt to work with as sections had previously been cut out of the hat body. To be consistent with my use of reclaimed material a trim of fulled wool felt was applied with a tacking stitch that mirrored the dotted lines in the original design.

Kinetic Transformation, Lotus
Kinetic Transformation, Lotus


10th International Hat’s Art Competition, Chazelles-sur-Lyon, France

Branching Sundew” was inspired by a carnivorous plant of the same name and features a handstitched spiral on a  1960s beret shaped hat.

Branching Sundew


Caussade Hat Festival, France

“Flight” was constructed from vintage Swiss braid.



Science Week- Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea

”Brain Neuron” draws inspiration from a scientific image by Assoc. Prof Ersnt Wolvertang, Stem Cell Engineering Group Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland.

Brain Neuron